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I had a unique type of situation and was hard to find a lawyer to help me but thankfully I came across him! Assistant Katie is so sweet and and Mr. Nemat was so kind and professional and listened very well. He helped me out last minute and didn’t have to. He handled himself and my case so well in such short notice. I wish he handled EVERY type of law I would call him for anything! Lol I really cant say thank you enough. So YES call him if you have any landlord/tenant issues!!! He’s great!!!

Aneka M.

I highly recommend NEMAT LAW FIRM if you have landlord issues as a tenant, My Attorney was unable to appear on my court date but he handed my case over attorney NEMAT a day for the court date but he quickly reviewed my case and get almost 2 months free in fact he did great job moor than I expected please if need a help like I did, I recommend you contact them immediately.

Emmanuel U.

Mr. Sasan Nemat was a true Professional from beginning until the end. Hw handled my eviction case for me. He was knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Ivonne A.

I highly recommend Nemat Law Firm !! From start to finish Sasan was knowledgeable, honest , and proficient in handling my case. I am so grateful and please with the high level of professionalism that I received. I will always recommend Sasan and the Nemat team to any one who is in need of assistance related to any real estate or business law concerns. Thank you Nemat Law Firm !!!

Laqua A.

I Contacted Nemat Law Firm 2 days before my court date. Not only did someone answer my call, but they also took on my case. With less than 48hrs to gather information from me. Mr.Nemat stayed available around the clock. During Court the way that he presented my case and proof. You would have never known he was given this case on such short notice. I was happy with the outcome. They were experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. They were very patient and never to busy to answer my questions or call. I Highly recommend Nemat Law Firm and his team for all of your legal needs.

Lynette C.

My father and I worked with Mr. Nemat, and all I can say is we Won. Mr. Sasan is very polite regardless of which party he is addressing. My father raved about him completely. I have noticed some of the best attorneys are non-aggressive in court because they are so knowledgeable they don't need to compensate for it with aggression. This is Mr. Nemat. Polite, knowledgeable and professional. It was truly a pleasure to work with him. Thank you for help us win both of our cases!!!

Melissa A.

I have Nemat Law Firm on retainer and been using their services for over two years. As a business owner it's been very helpful to have them as my legal counsel. They also have worked on multiple real estate deals for me and the value they have created in each deal has made me money. I would highly recommend them.

Park Creek Dental Care

My apartment was flooded when the sprinkler system in the neighbor's apartment above was activated. The apartment management was indifferent to my concerns. They ignored phone calls and emails, did not seem to be in a great hurry to have the damaged repaired, and assessed a late penalty on the rent that they were still charging me in the weeks that I was unable to live in the apartment. Nemat Law Firm was recommended to me by another attorney, and I consulted with Sasan. He graciously agreed to contact the regional manager. Once he did, the property management responded to a week-old email, began repairs on the apartment, and agreed to give me rent credit for the time the apartment was inhabitable. It was a change of course that I really wasn't expecting. I highly recommend Nemat Law Firm if you're a tenant with burdensome management.

Robert T.

Mr. Sasan and The Nemat Law Firm provided me with answers to all the questions I had regarding my unique case. We were on tight schedule before my approaching court date and he was able to GET IT DONE. He was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and provided my roommates and I with the results we were looking for. I can’t express my gratitude. I highly recommend The Nemat Law Firm!

Sameer A.

I was illegally dispossessed of my property by two dishonest people who lived with me in the same house. He delivered me an effective, quick, and competent service by contacting the wrongdoers who finally were forced to give me back all my property which included passport, clothes, important documents, and other things of value. He provided me a comprehensive legal advise outlining different options, as well as pros and cons of every option an relative costs. He helped me to clarify my priorities and goals in this dispute and thus make informed choice. I recommend him for sure.

Vittorio I.


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